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Merrick Bank closed my account

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Merrick Bank closed my account

SOB's at Merrick Bank closed my account. The idiots say it was closed because of my EQ credit report showing I have new accounts showing. I opened up less than 6 accounts in over 6 months. I had the card when I had credit scores in the 500's and now it's in the 700's they screwing with me. Card was less than a year old and had a 27.99% APR so yes, it was collecting dust.

Starting Score: 8/2008 521
Current Score: 734
Highest Ever: 4/2009 759
Goal Score: 760+

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Re: Merrick Bank closed my account

Sorry to hear that OP.


Take some solace in the fact that these closures and CLD actions are widespread among almost all lenders, everyone stands a chance of getting AA even if they are among the best of customers.


No one is immune , just lucky to avoid the radar.


If you follow the markets, banks and lending institutions are in almost as bad shape again as when the original TARP $ was distributed a couple months ago.


These actions haven't even begun to slow down or stop. They will probably increase.



Then you are a fool. Be thankful that when God gave you a face, he gave you a fool's face
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Re: Merrick Bank closed my account

I agree with Jax, dont take it personal. In today's time, many banks are taking AA. With scores like yours, depending if this was a high cl you lost, you would be able to make it up through cli on other cards. Still be happy with your progress.
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