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Mini App Spree

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Mini App Spree

Well I went on a mini App Spree and applied for 3 cards and was suprisingly approved for all three.  Ashley Furniture through GE Capital for $6K, Amex Blue Cash Preferred for $3K, and the big surprise Citi Diamond Preferred for $8.3K.  I only had two other cards both Capital One $500 and $3.5K limits 5% utilization between the two. 

My FICO's based on mortgage App were EQ 701, TU 715, EX 732, AAOA is 10 years and a lot of lates from 2006-2008 30/60/90 days about 20 total perfect since 1/1/2008.  I also have student loans, car loan, and mortgages.  After the online approval I called to see if I could push my luck and get more with CITI but no luck there.  I could not be happier and am completely shocked based on reading so many posts on here of other peoples experiences with similar scores.  Income could help I am well over $100K/year.  No should apply for one more or just Garden?  Does Citi do 61 day CLI like AMEX?

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Re: Mini App Spree

AFAIK citi will not process clis until you have had the account for more than 6 months. The 61 day 3x sp cli policy is unique to amex

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Re: Mini App Spree

I don't think you NEED anything else, but do some research on what rewards cards best fit your spending habits.  You may find that a Chase Freedom or Discover More/It could be a nice addition.  Both are likely within reach for you, given your scores and income.

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Re: Mini App Spree

Personally, with your income what it is, I would hold off on apping for anything else, optimize your utilization asap and go for a 3x cli with amex after 61 days.


After that, you could app for whatever else fits your needs and would likely get a better starting limit for any other cards you app for.


Also, the reason you want to optimize your utilization right away is that amex bases their cli decisions on the report they obtained from the most recent soft pull of your credit report. Since you don't know the exact date amex will soft you, it's best tokeep util at optimal level for awhile prior to any cli request. Edit- reread op and your utilization seems pretty good so not really much to optimize short of maybe letting one card report a.balance between 1-9% with all other cards at a zero balance

EQ 778 | TU 776
Barclay US Airways WMC 7.5k | BCE 5.8k | BofA Travel Rewards 9.1k | Chase Marriott Premier 13k | Citi TYP WMC 6.5k | Freedom Visa Sig 8k| Discover it 10k
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Re: Mini App Spree

Nice spree! Congrats!

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Re: Mini App Spree


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