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More Capital One PC Success!

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More Capital One PC Success!

So 7 months ago I opened my first official credit card, the Capital One Secured. I put $49 down and received a $200 SL. After the 5th statement (always charged tiny $10/month charges), the limit jumped to $500. So far, so good.


After another month - six months of credit building using this card and a few other 'starter' cards - I decided it was time to app for better cards. I ended up with Amex BCE, Chase Freedom, BoA Cash Rewards, and per a pre-approval, the Capital One Platinum.


The Platinum had a SL of $500, likely set to match that of the secured card. First month, I charged $60, then PIF. I then received the credit steps email, stating that after my 5th statement my CL will increase to $750. This is about half the SL of my other new cards, but I know it will grow.


So after reading a bunch of posts on here about having a magical button on Cap1s site to see offers and upgrades, I went on the hunt. Couldn't find a darn thing. Not to be deterred, I hopped on secured chat. I simply asked if I had any offers; that I was hoping to PC to QS for the cash back. They checked, and sure enough I had an offer to upgrade to the QS! I was a little shocked to be honest: I only had the Platinum for 6 weeks. Definitely happy about this.


So this begs the the question: How many of YOUR cards have great offers just waiting to be discovered?


You never know until you ask.



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Re: More Capital One PC Success!

Good job!! Enjoy it.

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Re: More Capital One PC Success!


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Re: More Capital One PC Success!

Congrats !!

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Re: More Capital One PC Success!

Congrats on your PC success. With a Cap One Quicksilver card in your wallet, I would close the Cap One Secured card. Is that what you're going to do?

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Re: More Capital One PC Success!

brother7 - Since I now have 4 cards that are only about 6 weeks old, mere credit infants, I am going to wait about six months before I close my secured cards. That way my AAoA isn't impacted as badly: it will actually be the same as it currently is right now. If I was to close my secured accounts now, my AAoA would only be a few weeks! So if I wait six months, I will be right back to my current AAoA, except I will have better cards! But I definitely will be closing them, but in calculated forum fashion.

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Re: More Capital One PC Success!

That is not how AAoA is calculated for FICO. Even if you closed the account, it would continue to age for the next 10 years until the date is removed from your report. FICO looks at average age for all of your accounts opened and closed. 

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