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NASA FCU shennanigans

Moderator Emeritus

NASA FCU shennanigans

A couple moderators on vacation and something in the water apparently, so here we go.


You may not agree with the furor on the forums regarding NASA FCU recently; if you look someone even asked me on when I was going to get on the NASA train to which I replied likely never, so you know where I stand personally.


That said, this happens routinely with various different lenders: the feeding frenzy will be on some other lender in statistically another 4 months if things hold true to form.


So, keep the ideal of the forums intact: Friendly, Supportive, Respectful.


If you want to give a clue by four, tone it down, rewrite it a few times if you have to.  We have no issues with people being honest, sometimes that's necessary, but purposely inciting other users isn't going to be tolerated.


Also as a public warning: the Challenger disaster is off limits.  Sorry, sucks to be me and in this case you, but I watched that real-time living in Florida and it was horrifying and those astronauts deserve nothing but respect: references to it will not be used in this fashion; this goes for Columbia as well.  Abuse of moderator privileges, quite possibly, but a few lines have been crossed in this boondoggle, so end of the day, if you enjoy these forums, please be smart about it.


--Revelate, myFICO moderator

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