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Navy Fed

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Re: Navy Fed

BRH3 wrote:
What are the major benefits of joining? My Dad is ex-Navy. Does he need to join first or can I join right now? Thanks for any info.

Sounds like from CarrieWink they don't already have to be a member you just have to name drop a relative that was in the navy. Do they do any inquiries to open new checking and savings? I thought I didn't have a chance at NFCU and was going to join a local one through my work but this sounds better.
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Re: Navy Fed

Actually Carrie,
There is something for the army, USAA. About the best bank out there.
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Re: Navy Fed

stpn2me wrote:
Actually Carrie,
There is something for the army, USAA. About the best bank out there.

Yeah, I was getting jealous there (I'm an Army brat!) I even did Googled army credit union and didn't get much.

But USAA is all I need. And it's available for those connected with all services. I've been a member since 1969 through my dad, and DH, DS, DD#1, and DD#2 are now all members.

By the way, anyone whose parents were in the military at some point, you should call USAA about your eligibility. Most join while they're in the service or soon after separation, but your parents also might have forgotten that they once had car insurance or something 20 or 30 years ago. If I'm reading this right, they would be eligible to re-join now, and then you could get in as their (very adult) child. You might want to call USAA and find out if there is a way that they can determine this. 1-800-531-6597 seems to be the membership number.

This is from their site:

If your parents have ever been USAA members, or if you or your spouse serve in the military, you may be entitled to the benefits of USAA membership.
Who is Eligible?

Membership is open to:

* Children of USAA members.
* Active-duty officers and enlisted personnel.
* National Guard and Selected Reserve officers and enlisted personnel.
* Officer candidates in commissioning programs(Academy, ROTC, OCS/OTS).
* Recently retired or separated military personnel.
* Former USAA members who had auto or property insurance.

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