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Nay Cash Credit Card, Signature Flagship... OR..?

Epic Contributor

Nay Cash Credit Card, Signature Flagship... OR..?

I was thinking we were just talking about this a bit but I think it was me hijacking a thread!... 


Currently Parner has Cash Rewards and he is pretty anti-app as I have spoke of before so I thought I would see with working what we got already if I could make it well enough that I wouldn't be drove crazy thinking how much more we could be seeing! LOL


So the Cash is 1% then once over $10k spending in a year goes to 1.5% for the rest of that year.

Navy was unable to tell me the current $ spent to how close we are to the $10k... That drives me a bit batty (she suggested I pull up all statements and add the purchase total of each statement) hummm...

Leaving that alone for a minute, I said is that your best... she went off the track for a bit to say we have so many choices it just depends, etc. etc. but you can't trade for statement credit but you can trade the points for visa gift cards or what not for full 2%.  So my questions are:


1.  Is this really 2% or 2% after a certain amount to cover AF?

2.  You can PC anytime she said, this is true right? I rather just get a 2nd card but basing on no apps... What you think?


If someone really fantastic with calculating your actual return on reward points, cashback , etc. can run me a little figure you would be bomb!!! Run it based on if Costco Amex and this Navy Card would be only 2 cards used or if we swapped for the 2 below...


1. USBank Cash+

2. American Express Blue Preferred Plus


Spending total on a average month that we don't travel, entertain, etc. so this would be worse case spending averages and I will round up for categories:

American Express Costco - $200 Gas, $800 Dining out, $200 Costco, $200 Trader Joes, $300 Pavilions, $1,000 Misc.

Navy Cash - $400 Gas, $500 Dining Out, $400 Trader Joes, $500 Pavilions, $300 Misc.


Let me add that Partner has the Amex Costco (I don't) and the Navy would be used similar to up above moving forward if other cards are not gotten based on me using it... now if it was spending with USBank Cash+ and Amex Blue, the Amex Costco and Navy spending I did above would break down into the categories accordingly.


This make sense, what you think, how much more money back annually would we be looking at if keeping amex costco and either keeping the cash or upping to signature rewards VS. if we switched all the spending above to just the USBank Cash+ and Amex Blue Plus Preferred?? Any Questions, I hope I followed my own thoughts! LOL

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