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New Macy's card question

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New Macy's card question

Does everyone who gets a new Macy's card start with the red card, or do they get a different color based on their guideline limit? I see that there are 4 different card colors on another post, and that the card is based on spending levels.  How would a special purchase play into this?  For example, if someone opened a new account and received a $1000 limit, and at the same time also made a special furniture purchase of $2200 on the special event tradeline, would they still start with a red card, or would it be platinum because of the $1000 limit or $2200 purchase?


Sorry if this has been answered somewhere. I looked around for awhile and didn't see the answer.

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Re: New Macy's card question

The Macy's store card color is based on annual purchases  - not on the GLI.


After you've made enough qualifying purchases, you can call and ask for a newly colored card, but it really doesn't matter.  The perks for the card (whatever they are now - they've changed) will be yours if you qualify even if you have the card with the old color still in hand.

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Re: New Macy's card question

Okay, thanks for your help Smiley Happy

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