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Nordstrom Visa

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Nordstrom Visa

My mother just received a notice that her APR is going from 4% to 7%. Still pretty low, but just wanted to notify those of you out there with the card. Looks like they are starting to make their rounds.

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Re: Nordstrom Visa

Looks like every one is going on the bandwagon of CLD and Increase Interest Rates.
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Re: Nordstrom Visa

I'm surprised she just got that - Nordstrom Signature customers (interest was prime)  were bumped to minimum 7.9 last November and we just got notices that non-Nordstom purchases will be minimum to 10.9 as of August 2009.


Really no reason to use it for non-Nordstrom purchases now.

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Re: Nordstrom Visa

I just got a letter yesterday that bumped my reg. Nordstrom's card up 8%!!!!!

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EQ (3/23/14): 791 (Inquiries: 8/23/13)
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