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Orchard Question

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Orchard Question

I recently received a Orchard Gold Mastercard... 115 bucks first year then 96/year after... not bad (i guess) for a sub prime card.. my question is, i've read in this and other forums that they report on the last of the month regardless of when payment is due, my first billing cycle ends June 23rd and first payment will be due on the 18th.. should i A) Pay in full the account around the 30th of this month. or B) pay the bill next month and then PIF before the last day in July? this is my first credit card, and i want it to help my credit as much as possible, and want to avoid any problems like high util or anything. Thanks in advance!
5/26/09 EQ547 TU539
6/10/09 EQ553 TU533
7/22/09 EQ588 TU633
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Re: Orchard Question

Seeing as you just got it, i'd use it some and let a small balance report...I mean, no more than 10% of avail.


But just for the first month or two, then i'd make sure I have a 0 balance when they report for sure.


I'm sure someone will disagree with me, however.

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