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PLEASE READ: Posting About Foreign Call Center Frustrations

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PLEASE READ: Posting About Foreign Call Center Frustrations

There have been several posts concerning poor customer service allegedly rendered by some credit card companies' customer care lines. Ranting about bad customer service in general is fine.

Complaining because you can't get a representative who speaks clear English is acceptable, too.

Remarks about specific ethnic groups, countries, or stereotyping the inhabitants therein, or posting stereotypical images, or otherwise making remarks that belittle people based on their nationality or ethnicity is NOT acceptable. Such posts will be edited and/or deleted. Those who post such material will draw formal warnings and, if the racist remarks are repeated, bans.

Thank you for your cooperation.

TheNewWorldMan (former moderator)

Message Edited by TheNewWorldMan on 11-12-2007 11:20 AM

eta --Many people don't realize that employees of foreign call-centers are required to be script-readers. Their hands are tied by the bank that hired the center. I've had plenty of mystifying phone conversations with overseas reps, but if there's someone I'm going to get mad at, it's the bank that made the decision to go with the cheapest CS source possible.

At any rate, I re-stickied this post by TNWM because I think it helps clarify the difference between legitimate complaints and general broadsides.
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