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Re: First Time Seen Option to CLI with PayPal Credit

@kilroy8 wrote:

It could be a factor of having other Sync accounts that enables them to access when on ice. This is the only Sync account I have, and when I got it, it was Comenity. So really, Sync has never been given access to my reports directly by me.

Nah. My Amazon and PayPal were apped 13 days apart and every time I forget to thaw TU before I ask, I get declined and then want to put my head through the wall when I get the letter 10-12 days later and have to go through the process all over again. 


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Re: First Time Seen Option to CLI with PayPal Credit

The only time I have called SYNC they told me I had to unlock and wait 48 hours. I unlocked and waited 16, BAM!

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