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Pre-Approved Delta Platinum Amex

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Pre-Approved Delta Platinum Amex


I already have the Delta Gold Amex, it's slightly over a year old. I'm know pre-approved for the platinum version which offers 90k miles and 10,00 MQMs. 

I do have the option of upgrading to the Platinum however, I would only earn 15k miles doing so. Look like it may be more advantageous to do a new app. I'm aware it would a SP if I opted to open a new account however I do not want to have 2 Delta Amex cards. 


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Re: Pre-Approved Delta Platinum Amex

It would probably be a SP if you apply for the new card but it isn't a guaranteed SP.


Apply for the Delta Platinum, after approval transfer all but $1000 ($500 if they'll let you do it) from the Gold's credit limit over to the Platinum and then close the Gold card.

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