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Price Protection Outpost

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Price Protection Outpost

You...yes, you! Over here. I see you've got some plastic on you, eh? Do you carry those credit cards in your wallet for those rarely-invoked benefits? You look old enough to recollect with me the days of online Citi Double Cash price matches, yes? Are you, should I say, a fellow traveler of the order of Price Protection? There were never very many of us, certainly not enough for the companies to pay much mind. We submitted our receipts over the phone and mail (!) and went about our business. These were the "before times" when online submissions and automated searches didn't exist and you were just as likely to find a lower price in a glossy magazine or brick and mortar store than the Internet. Before the abundance (some might say greed) of the online portals. Then things changed and policies were gutted. One company after another. I don't need to tell you, you remember.

So here I am, bearing witness to the fall of Capital One's Quicksilver, perhaps the last major credit card issuer to have Mastercard's price protection. It looks dim now, ever dimmer, but I am not finished quite yet. I still have the service on a few cards, Mastercard and VISA both. That's really the only feature of any value to me these days outside warranty extensions. So here I stand in a dusty corner of this forum and ask for your help--among those price protection adherents remaining in this world, let's burn one more fire to see what's left to illuminate!

Extant Price Protection Card Issuers

Debit Card Price Protection:
WSFS Bank (60 day window, $250 max per item, $1,000 annual cap, Internet adverts allowed)

Credit Card Price Protection:
First Commonwealth FCU (60 days, $250 max per item, $1,000 cap, Internet adverts allowed);
Proponent FCU  (60 days, $500 max per item, $2,500 annual cap, Internet adverts allowed);

Anyone have anything to add?

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Re: Price Protection Outpost

My BofA Customized cash rewards MC has price protection... as does the Visa version of it (I just had them send me a mailing recently to make sure.)

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Re: Price Protection Outpost

I posted a while back when I got the notice on my Quicksilver. The consensus in that post, as well as on reddit and elsewhere, was that only those with Platinum level Mastercards and Visas got the notice of the discontinuation of Price Protection and other benefits. WMC and WEMCs seemed to be retaining the benefits. Has that changed?


My Quicksilvers are PC'd Platinums and I got the notices on both of them. However, my SavorOne is a WEMC and I have not, as of yet, received any such notice of a change/discontinuation of benefits on it.

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