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Question about Authorized user

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Question about Authorized user

My girlfriend is 19 and has no credit. She has a checking and savings account at BofA, but they denied her for the student card, still waiting for a letter. I am considering adding her as an authorized user on my oldest account (2.5 yrs never lat on anything), but i dont know how it works. After i add her does she get my history for that card, then after a couple months  can she get a card on her own? does she have to use the card I authorized her on for it to reflect on her CR? Thanks
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Re: Question about Authorized user

you can add her and she will get your history. it probably would help her to get approved for her own card after that.

she should consider a secured card with Bank of America though. 

also you don't have to even give her the credit card that you had her too and she won't be able to charge on it then. 

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Re: Question about Authorized user

It sounds like she has no credit history, and that's why she's being denied.

Being an AU on your card would definitely help. It would take six months from the month that she went on for it to generate a FICO score for her, although it's possible that she could get a card on her own sooner.

If you want to do this, I would advise doing it in a very businesslike manner. Don't get a physical card for her, and ask her to agree not to use the account number to shop on line. That's terribly unromantic, I know, but IMO it's a bad idea for two people to mix credit, no matter how tight they might be. In addition, I'd say that she should get with a local credit union, open up a share account (credit-union-ese for savings account), set up a direct deposit of $25/ paycheck or something, and in 3 months go talk to them about getting a card in her own name. It might well be a secured card, but there's nothing wrong with that; that's how you get started.

Once she's able to get two cards in her own name, she should be off and running, and you can drop the AU status.
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