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Question about Credit card usage

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Question about Credit card usage

I have two store cards and one Major- Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Capital one. I wanted to know if I had to use my Wal-Mart, and Amazon credit card each month to keep the card active. If I don't will I be charged some type of fee for not using my card monthly?

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Re: Question about Credit card usage

I find it good practice to use store cards, or any card for that matter, at least once every 3 months or so to make sure it stays active. No lender should charge you any type of fee for not using the card. At least in my experience I've never seen that happen.


Just charge something small on them every few months or so and you should be fine Smiley Happy


Edit: Just wanted to add that I have seen some strange situations where Walmart has closed cards due to not enough activity, just something to keep in mind. Hopefully someone with more experience on that will chime in.

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Re: Question about Credit card usage

     I try to use my cards a tiny bit just so they don't get closed for inactivity. Also maybe let the cards have a balance on the statement date every once in a while so they report a balance to the CRA every once in a while. I tend to stick with having a small balance on 1 card and zero balance on the rest and i switch which one has the small balance from time to time. Some companies will indeed close a card after a while if you never use it.

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Re: Question about Credit card usage

I believe inactivity fees are banned by the CARD Act.

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