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Samsung Pay

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Re: Samsung Pay

@UncleB wrote:

@OmarGB9 wrote:

@UncleBcan you elaborate on that samsung portal for cash back? I was reading up thread about it, and it sounds like it's pretty lucrative, so I'm definitely interested.

Sure, it's in the Samsung Pay app.  Tap the 'three lines' in the upper-right corner and it's the second option, "Cash Back Rewards."


You can then search for the merchant you are shopping with.  When you select a merchant either the merchant app is opened (if installed) or a browser is opened that is auto-directed to the merchant's site much like any other portal.  (For some merchants a browser is opened even if I have the app installed.)


The offers can be better than Rakuten and TopCashBack at times, but depending on the merchant it might take a while for the cash to be credited so some patience might be required.  So far everything has tracked correctly, though.

Thanks, I appreciate it! Nothing jumps out at me at the moment, but I'll keep checking back.

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