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Score rising slowly... Rebuilding advice


Re: Score rising slowly... Rebuilding advice

Oh I didn't realize that... thanks again for the advice!

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Re: Score rising slowly... Rebuilding advice

Really good things to do:


1) Negotiate your smallest COs and derrogs to as low as possible and get hem paid off. Some of the agencies may give you a PIF and a removal simply by their policy. If not write the HECK out of GW letters to get the derogs off.


2) Don't be shy and prepare yourself to write 25-50 letters to one agency if neccessary. Every derog you get removed is worht 10,000+ to you. Make phone calls to staff at the companies and be persistent.


3) Getting the derogs themselves to drop off will boost your score even more that converting secured to unsecured cards account aging and the like. 



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Re: Score rising slowly... Rebuilding advice

In response to CreditEd's post - I would be very careful with "removal" strategies at this point in your process. I am no expert on rebuilding, so you should hop over to that section of the forum for more info...but...any move that causes a creditor to "remember" you this late in the process is dangerous. Collection agencies are notorious for doing more harm than good, so after all this time waiting out the baddies, I don't want you to bring any unexpected challenges to your efforts. I guess all I'm saying is, what is worse at this point, waiting 2 years or restarting a (potentially) 7 year clock?

You have come a long way, just continue being strategic as you have been.

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