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Sears/Citi CLI question.

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Re: Sears/Citi CLI question.

I have the sears mastercard, just converted over to it from the store card last month.  It isnt even here yet.


  I can tell you my HO is that this is a Sears issue as far as the CLD/CLI goes.  Sears CS will say it is CITI, however it has been my exp as I have a 76 card issued by Citi, a Dividend card issued by Citi and my husband has the Diamond Preferred card, that the issues are specific to the Sears Terms and Conditions and not the underwriters.  My sears web interface lacks many of the actual Citi options available  on my 76, and two Citi direct accounts.  There is alot missing. 


My Sears account was opened in Jan 2011.  I have a chapter 7 from 2005.  There is nothing else in my negative accounts listing on the CRA's and 100% on time for the past 7 years of rebuilding. I float around 707 between all three.


  I have a CL of 1050 with Sears and no CLI's have ever gone through.  However, I have never seen a hard pull or soft pull on any of my reports for the customer initiated CLI.  So, what that means is the account is set up to auto deny without hard pull or soft pull, no consideration is to be given to my account for any CLI.  I called in once to talk to customer service and they beat around the bush, The jist is they couldnt come right out and say my account has been frozen in time for the current credit line but that is what was implied in so many words or less. I have no reason as to this, other than to assume only the degrogatory PR is to blame.  And that it is a Sears only issue, not citi bank. 


So, I buy as little as I have to to keep the Sears account open and within the next year or so I am going to close it.  We are getting prepareed to take out an RV loan and I will do this as soon as the loan is closed.  So, there is a method to their madness, but it is not widely understood. 

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Re: Sears/Citi CLI question.

Follow Up to the above. 


Last night I prepared my account closure request for Sears, and then logged in to throw the

CLI REQ 1 more time to reaffirm. I recieved the "we will let you know in 48 hours....bla bla

7-10 days bla bla".  More of the same really.  In any case, I logged in this morning

to find a CL of 4600.  So, after 3 years Sears saw fit to give out a CLI for this card. 

I was resolved and prepared for parting ways with Sears,

and truely did not expect anything to happen different than has occured in the past. 

Hopefully, this will aid anyone trying to build this card in the future.

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Re: Sears/Citi CLI question.

I have the store only card. I am post bk 4 years this Oct and got the sears card at an initial limit of 2k back in November. I tried for a cli Jan 3rd online and it gave the 7-10 business days and I got a letter saying not enough time at current limit. No hp. 

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Re: Sears/Citi CLI question.

Yeah, that sounds about right.  On the plus side though, all my CLI req were denied with them but none of them hit my reports,  so hopefully you wont see any INQ from them the same as I, although no growth.  It has its benefits, but even though the underwriter is citi it has to bend to the sears T and C's that is not widely known.  

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