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Should I ask for a recon or CLI?

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Re: Should I ask for a recon or CLI?

My credit is clean as a whistle now.   I just checked my Citi offer.


I can make purchases at 0% interest for 9 months from the date account opened.  After,  it will go to 15.99



If within 9 months if I make any BT's I will get the 0% interest rate.   No annual fee.


I don't use the card personally.  I let Mom charge a small amount on it each month, and pay it immediately. 

 I don't pay interest on any of the cards I use. 


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Re: Should I ask for a recon or CLI?

smallfry wrote:
Top tabs look under Tools. If it's not there you need to wait. Some cards I understand never get the free luv button. OP do not call just look for the CLI under tools.

I must have one of those. In 6 years I've never had an increase. Smiley Sad



7/09 (myfico)


CC interest free as of 8/09
Time can heal all wounds and a low FICO.
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Re: Should I ask for a recon or CLI?

at the top of the screen there is some buttons click the tools bar;;;;;;;scroll down and look for a credit increase

button if its there hit it and it wil tell you you can have   x  amount of dollars increase for a soft pull

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