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Specific Chase CCs being shown when I click CCs when logged into my account...

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Re: Specific Chase CCs being shown when I click CCs when logged into my account...

@ForAnarchy wrote:

Thanks for the reply. I am pretty unlearned on the time to space things out. Most Youtubers (my intro to the CC hobby) seem to gloss over the space to put between applications (other than 5/24), so I am rather uninformed aside from what I've been gathering and reading here. 


...  I am not in the market for taking unecessary HPs for a fruitless endeavor ... 

Welcome to My Fico Forums, @ForAnarchy ! Smiley Happy


Yes, much better advice here than you'll find on "expert" YouTube videos from people who are trying to get views to make a nickel. 


Here's a rule of thumb on new applications that seems to work pretty well for most lenders in most situations.  If you want to play it conservatively, limit applying for new credit to one time every six months on average, or about 2x per year.  Hard inquiries are only "scoreable" for 12 months although they will report for 24 months.  Notice if you follow this, you'll even be within Chase's 5/24 which is one of the more strict. 


If you do choose to exceed 2x per year to acquire many new accounts, you may be successful (depending on the lender) but then you'll probably need to "garden" for awhile to let the new accounts age.   Even with great FICO scores, high income, low debt, it is easy to be denied if you have excessive new accounts.  It happened to me recently.  


I got five new Chase cards over about 18 months and I tried to space them out with a minimum of 3 months in between. That worked for me with no adverse action from Chase.  That is probably the least amount I would recommend.  That also makes it easier to meet any SUB spending you want to qualify for.


While I agree with some of our members who point out that the negative effect of 'hard pulls' is overrated, I also agree with your philosophy of not taking unnecessary ones in wreckless pursuit of more credit.  I prefer to "save" mine when possible for when they will yield the best results. 

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Re: Specific Chase CCs being shown when I click CCs when logged into my account...

I'm consigned to gardening either way now. Sent in the necessary documents to support my correctly reported income, but was told that faxes take up to two weeks to even be looked at by Chase. Given that I recieved their letter eleven days after my application with the notice stating that they would auto-deny me after fourteen days if I didn't respond, I thought contacting them would help. This morning, I was auto-denied after confirming that they hadn't even looked at my fax yet. Pretty rough.


My SO also tried to apply for the grocery cash back we would like and was auto-rejected, but her account is rather young, but not young enough to warrant an auto rejection on a freedom card. Corona really be hittin.

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Re: Specific Chase CCs being shown when I click CCs when logged into my account...

I would say that you should apply after 3 months at least due to the pandemic situation. Nowadays they might be strict when it comes to applications.

In case of documents, you can reach out to the nearest chase branch, and they can just email the credit card department with all documents, so it would be faster than fax.

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