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Synchrony Exposure

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Re: Synchrony Exposure

yuck hopefully i don't get bit.   from 2014-2015 i had a few cards with them tapped out and making minimum payments while i had surgery and was dealing wtih some things.  then i paid everything off and have dabbled just to keep cards going once in a while with amazon and walmart.  the carecredit i didn't pay attention to and months ago they upgraded it to their credit card, closed my old account and that set off a rebucket for me with a 30 point loss on myfico.


i just recently applied for a lowes card and almost maxxed out my summit card for a jack that i will ride out on no interest plan.


kind of annoying to have to deal with this now that i read forums.  i want that carecredit for the emergencies, i used it for my cat surgery a few years ago.  nice to be able to get a tooth fixed asap, etc. and put it on a no interest plan.  i guess i will just use that for purchases once in a while.


i actually don't want to lose any of my cards.  and of course during this period right now i just got a car and another card but wanted another 2 for some promo financing on some purchases and it looks like those 2 cards are synchrony as well!  i'm going to do what i have to do.


i wonder what the motivations are?  why not just deal with limits rather than closing out accounts?  to me it seems kind of stupid to think short term as far as people using cards, especially the carecredit.  odds are everybody has hard times and will eventually pull out a card and have to stretch payments and even pay interest at some point.

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