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Tips for triggering auto CLI Chase Freedom?


Re: How long before Chase auto CLI ?

I got one on Freedom when it was maybe 4 months old. It went from $8k to $11k


No clue why, there's always been very little spending on it.

CSP has not seen any increases and it's stayed at $16.7k, and that one has seen quite a bit of usage relative to the limit  before I sold my soul to US Bank. 


If anything, I would have been a whole lot less surprised if CSP got the CLI 


Chase 🤷

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Re: How long before Chase auto CLI ?

DW has three Chase for six years, one for four years, and one brand new... we've never seen a CLI on any of them.


I've got two, and can't remember how long I've had them, but they've never seen a CLI either.

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Re: How long before Chase auto CLI ?

I’ve had a couple auto CLI; seems like it happens when you have high util then PIF.
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Re: How long before Chase auto CLI ?

Wow lol. This topic randomly blew up 5 days after I posted it.

Thanks everyone for all the information. I'll just chalk it up as I won't be getting an auto CLI anytime soon.

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Re: How long before Chase auto CLI ?

I've been averaging a spend of ~125% of my CL on my FU each month and PIF. It's on it's 4th statement period now, so hopefully I'll get a CLI one of these days!

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