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Trying for Chase Freedom?

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Trying for Chase Freedom?



I'd like to try to apply for a Chase Freedom Card. It seems the simplest way to get a good Visa card. Should I try using my old Chase CC account or simply make a new application on their website?


Here is my backstory:

I currently have one open line of credit (Amex ED, $5,000 Credit Line) but it's not reporting yet (I opened it almost exactly one month ago, Juy 5) Using 0% of my available credit and no open line listed.)


In the past, I've had a CSP and a CSR but closed both of them when I was trying out the Dave Ramsey program. They were closed at my request around 9/15/2017. I'm now back into CCs, and I did actually pay off my house, so I don't entirely regret doing DR. I just think he's too strict on cards. 


My EXP and TU reports are available, my EQ report is frozen at my request. (Have to write to them to unfreeze, the others I could do online). 


How should I approach trying to apply for a Chase Freedom Card? I'm worried about the 5/24 rule, too. Would it be better to call them? I have never had a late payment and have no derogs on my report, just a bunch of closed and paid in full accounts. Oldest (closed) account reporting is about 13 years old.


My stats are in the high 6's &  low 7's 


Thanks in advance for your insight


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Re: Trying for Chase Freedom?

What do you mean by a "good Visa card?"


Freedom as I'm sure you know is a 5% rotating category card.  That's really all it's good for, so if you're considering one you'd want to get it because you typically spend in those 5% rotating categories.


You mentioned being "worried" about 5/24.  Are you at 5/24 or greater currently?  If so, it will be no dice on the Freedom, so no real use in even thinking about it now.  If you're < 5/24, I'm not sure why you'd be worried about that rule?


Are your scores where they are due to high utilization, or do you have negative items present on your CR?

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Re: Trying for Chase Freedom?

Just an FYI, Equifax freezes can also be lifted online.

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Re: Trying for Chase Freedom?

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