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Update! Thanks everyone...

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Update! Thanks everyone...

Last week I was approved for a Chase PerfectCard.  Same day applied for a Citi PP Amex, but was denied this week.  I decided to apply for an Amex Gold today and was instantly approved!  


In one month exactly I have brought my score up 70 pts, lowered my UTL 75%, and have been approved for two new cards!


Thanks to everyone for the help!



Now, I remember reading if you're approved instantly for an Amex Charge most people had luck with immediately applying for one of their credit cards.  Anyone have any information on this?



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Re: Update! Thanks everyone...


Did they pull only EX for Amex gold ? 

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Re: Update! Thanks everyone...

I'm gonna say that at this point in time one account with AMEX should suffice for a while. Easy does it on the apps. The first denial is a red flag.
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Re: Update! Thanks everyone...

TU for Amex, caught me a little off guard.  Citi was EQ and Chase was TU.



I'd still like to get one more card to transfer the balance of my FIA Sovereign Bank balance (only $200).  I'm thinking Capital One.


That would give me 5 cards (4 credit, 1 charge).  I'd be comfortable building my long term credit at that point. 





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Re: Update! Thanks everyone...

Chase card came in the mail yesterday with a $3,500 limit.  Wayyyy higher than my other two cards.  0% on BT for 6 months, which I'll use for a small balance.



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