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I know this is not for this form but maybe someone can help my auto loan is in my util and it says instalment loan on equifax any help thanks

it just sucks cause it is bringing my util to 54 percent

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Re: Util

I would call the company that the auto loan is with and have them correct the problem.

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Re: Util

OP, where are you getting your credit report from that's showing your utilization this way?  I'm only asking because, if it's from Equifax, such as on their 3 in 1 Credit Report, it will show debt to credit ratio broken down into multiple sections, and their "total debt to credit ratio" includes installment loans, correctly.  The only utilization for credit cards would be under the "Total revolving accounts", listed again as "debt to credit ratio" on there. That's the correct number for credit utilization we often refer to on here.


If you checked a credit report for TransUnion or Equifax, and it's listed that way, then yep, it's a problem.  That report should show revolving credit utilization singularly without the confusing additional ratios.


If you already know all this, ummm...nevermind my post.  Smiley Wink

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