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Very Confusing GE CLI

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Very Confusing GE CLI

I called the backdoor number intending to ask for a CLI on all four of my GE cards. I started with my Sam's club card. My limit was $1,800 and I requested $5000. I was denied. I was confused because my credit continues to improve and my Tu report has nothing negative, no inuries, etc. TU FICO 728 per Wal-mart.


I didn't understand, so I thought I'd try online. The automated system gave me a CLI from $1,800 to $5,800!


Now, I am wondering what to do with my PayPal Extras MC... Do I call in? My last CLI on the PPEMC was 3/5/2013. Should I wait a few more days or call now?


Any idea why the denial over the phone for Sam's?

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Re: Very Confusing GE CLI

Congrats on the increase! I always read here that if the website says no, ask a csr and vice versa. I've noticed GE can be weird with cli's on certain cards at different times.

I think you call after 4 statements from the last cli. I would give it a few extra days. I've requested one before and got denied and then tried the next day and it was approved.
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Re: Very Confusing GE CLI

There is no luv button option for PayPal Extras MC, so you will have to call.  I've been able to get increases on all of my GE cards recently expect Paypal.  I've called in and both times, they have used a pull that goes back to around January 20.  The second time, I specifically asked them if they could use a more current pull than that one, they said they did and declined me and the letter I got stated it was declined using the info from the January pull.  I'm going to try again next week, but it is starting to tick me off.  I think, if I were you, I'd wait a few more days and try calling.  As far as the Sam's Club, you should get a letter in the mail, but at least doing it online was successful!

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Re: Very Confusing GE CLI

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Re: Very Confusing GE CLI

Results from trying all four of my GE cards:


I called the automated system for Paypal Extras MC, I had $5,000 and I asked for $10,000 and they countered for $6,000, I accepted. Previous increase 3/5/2013.

I used the luv botton for wal-mart and got a tiny increase from $1550 to $2350. Previous increase 3/24/2013.

I got the nice increase that I already mentioned for my Sams from $1800 to $5800.  Previous increase 3/1/2013.

I was denied for an increase on my amazon card both using the automated phone system and using the luv button. I called because I accidenly left zeros off my income making me sound homeless on the luv button, still denied though. Probably too soon. Last increase 3/26/13. --- I'll try again in about a month. Also, I have not used the card since before the last increase, perhaps I'll use it once too.

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Re: Very Confusing GE CLI

Credit solutions denied my last increase on my Paypal Extras. Once because I asked too early and then again a month later with the reason that it was against their policy. The second time they denied I just called the number on the card and used the automated system. I asked for another 2k and it countered with 1500. Assuming it has been 4 months since your last increase I think the advice to try both routes if denied the first time is pretty solid. 

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Re: Very Confusing GE CLI

GE can be weir with luv.


IMO, if you call CS it all hinges on who your speaking to. They are the ones reviewing and if they are having a bad day it could be bad for you.

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