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Re: WOO HOO AGAIN ! ! ! !

Good Lord, a $20K CL and 21 years added?? Gotta love that!


As to inquiries, AmEx probably only pulled your EX report, and since we can't view our EX FICO's, that's a wash. (Inquiries only affect the score of the report that they're on. So 1 inq on EQ, 2 on TU, and 1 on EX isn't a total of 4 inqs for scoring purposes.)


Citi probably (??) pulled EQ.


So if you just have one on EQ and one on EX, you probably won't see any score impact from the inqs.


Citi will show as a new account, and it will drop your AAoA, so there would be a potential drop from that.


But the Blue won't show as new, because of the 1989 date. It will just have magically appeared. So no new account ding, and definitely an increase in AAoA.


So once everything comes out in the wash, I see a negative effect from the "seeking new credit" for Citi, no impact from inqs if they were on two separate accounts and you don't have any others, a small positive from the lower util, and a huge positive from the increase in your AAoA and possibly your overall length of history, if the old AmEx card is gone and you don't have anything else from 1989.


I wouldn't begin to guess at a score change, because I've been so very wrong, so very many times. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: WOO HOO AGAIN ! ! ! !

Congrats! That's a very enviable CL and tradeline age Smiley Very Happy

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Thank you myFICO forums!
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Re: WOO HOO AGAIN ! ! ! !

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Re: WOO HOO AGAIN ! ! ! !

Man AMEX is on it. Got the membership date changed yesterday and got the new  Buisness card today. Impresive ! !

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