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When will my new utilization reflect???

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When will my new utilization reflect???

Hello all, I purchased my fico scores in early April back when I had an insanely high utilization rate.  In the middle of april I lowered my utilization rate to that of 22%.  I let it sit until today and I was pretty dismayed when I checked my TransUnion credit score and it hasn't moved one inch.  In fact, my revolving debt % is still listed as what it was 2 months ago.  When will it update?!?!
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Re: When will my new utilization reflect???

First, your credit card companies have to actually send the new information to the credit bureaus. This will often happen some time after the statement cuts, for some companies it's the last day of the month (HSBC, US Bank), for others in the middle (WF). Amex takes two months to report. Some companies forget to report if you don't have a a balance. Plus, Transunion is the slowest to update.


Taken together, it might still take a while.

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Re: When will my new utilization reflect???

I agree with last poster...TU seems to really take a long time to update their reports on CC balances.  It's been a month since I paid nearly 1k on my cards and I still haven't seen that on the reports yet.  I would just say be patient!

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Re: When will my new utilization reflect???

For me, Equifax is always lagging behind the other two, so it does vary.


Be patient, OP! Smiley Wink

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