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Who does chase pull?

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Re: Who does chase pull?

grubs wrote:
Anyone know who does chase pull in central CA? I'm hoping it's EX.

Depends on which state you live in.When I was in florida which is a BIG EQ state chase pulled EQ for my Freedom card.For CLI's they have pulled all three at different times.

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Re: Who does chase pull?

They never told me what bureau they pulled or my credit score.
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Re: Who does chase pull?

I just did it a couple weeks ago, it was EX and I'm in NV

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Re: Who does chase pull?

I app'd on March 2, they pulled Ex and I live in So Cal. They have SPd me 3x since approval- still Ex
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Re: Who does chase pull?

When I applied for the Freedom card last November, they pulled EX for me. But in other states I have heard that they pull EQ quite a bit and TU not so much. 

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Re: Who does chase pull?

Chase pulls EX for me in NY.

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