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Will I ever get mailers?


Re: Will I ever get mailers?

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Thanks. I don't plan to get another card for a long time but it just makes me wonder why I've never gotten actual mailers even when I had stellar credit. 

This isn't a great idea.  I know it seems counter-intuitive, but you NEED to get a couple or so cards under your belt over the next year or so in order to build your credit back up.  ANd one way or another, you will need your credit again eventually.



OP seems to already have current cards in siggy that would be just fine for a successful rebuild.

Yes, I didn't notice earlier.  Just saw the date of discharge and figured being that recent, he/she was looking for something to get them started.  I still stand by the recommendation.  It won't hurt them to check and can help get them in the door to a better card in the long run.

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Re: Will I ever get mailers?

Not sure why anyone would want more junk mail honestly.


Unless it's guarunteed, it's trash.


Frankly you're better off deciding what you want, not what some random company or even financial institution thinks you might be a fit for as it's usually wrong.


Marketing is never done for your benefit for anything in life, it's about separating you from your money.  While we take advantage of that with respect to credit cards here on this forum explicitly, the offers you get in the mail are unlikely to improve your portfolio if you have a pulse and have been paying attention to this forum.

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Re: Will I ever get mailers?

The only mailers I ever get are for Credit One, OneMain financial, and other predatory lenders. I haven't gotten a mailer for a legit good credit card in many years. I've given up waiting for a good offer to arrive in the mail.


Online pre-qualification tools are a much better option. That's how I got all 5 of the cards in my signature. Never got mailers for any of them.

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Re: Will I ever get mailers?

I have near 800 scores for all three bureaus----and over 800 scores for some of the alternative FICO scores----but I never get credit card offers in the mail.


My wife gets them constantly.  

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Re: Will I ever get mailers?

I have got the same Cap1 SavorOne and Citi MileUp mailers every week,for 6 months. They get tiresome lol and I'm sure they wouldn't stop if I got the card. 

Cap1 mailers will probably be the first solid mailers you will get. Probably Platinum with a stated SL. That's how I got mine after six months from paying my charge off. 

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