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first bankcard travelite

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first bankcard travelite

Does anyone know if this card/bank is pretty good with credit limits?  


The mailer says it has $100 for global entry, 3x for airline and hotel purchases, 1.5x for everything else, $100 statement credit for airline fees, no signup bonus, no annual fee.  Says it runs on the american express network.  


The issuer is "first bankcard," which looks affiliated with the same bank that does my FNBO Direct account.  I assume that is why I was mailed this?

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Re: first bankcard travelite

Same lender... different names.  they have a few different DBA's they work under.


If you haven't added a ton of new accounts in the past couple of years it's a potential approval.


Limits always depend on your profile.  Do a search under approvals for travelite and they should pop up.

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Re: first bankcard travelite

I have the FNBO issued version.

I like it, and have had no problems.

CL was about average for me, not low but not exceptional.

They give SP increases after 3-4 months if you call in.

Was my first card with FNBO, started 10k, 4 months in I got 5k increase.


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Re: first bankcard travelite

First Bankcard is a division of First National Bank of Omaha. I have the Travelite card. I was approved with a 5k limit in 2017. I called them every 4-5 months to get SP credit limit increases. The call would last 1-2 minutes. Each increase for me was 5k per call.


Requesting a cli on the website is a hard pull so always call for a SP cli. Current credit limit is 21k which is what I wanted to grow it to. I have no plans to ask for more as 21k is suffcient for my spend level.


My only (small) complaint is I wish they eliminate using embossed numbers on the card. Non embossed cards are better looking in my opinion.


See below link for a post that Kforce started in 2017 when the Travelite card was offered to the public for the first time in a few years.

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Re: first bankcard travelite

I also have the FNBO-issued Travelite card, have really personally enjoyed using it and would highly recommend it.  The annual $100 travel incidentals benefit combined with being a no-AF card and the 3% cashback feature on all travel purchases all made it a no-brainer for me to app for IME, and I'm glad that I did  Smiley Happy

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