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partial AMEX CLI decline

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partial AMEX CLI decline

Just as a data point:


A while back, I posted about asking for a CLI increase on my Blue Cash Preferred, from $25K to $35K.     Amex asked for my tax returns.  Eventually, online I noticed that they had increased my limit to 28K


Today I get mail explaining their decision:


1) In the last six months, a minimal amount has been charged to your account

2) Your account has not been opened long enough


I charged about $25K since Feb, so I guess that is minimal in some sense (one credit limit)


2 is more interesting.  I applied for the account in Feb, and they pointed out that I had a Blue Sky Preferred account that hadn't been used for 4 years, so they converted that.  Thus my BCP started with a Member Since 2007.  But recently, they back-dated it to 1987 (when I had another card with them).  So I was a little amused "It's been open 26 years, what more do you want!"


I wonder if other issuers get annoyed at the back dating which seems to mess it up for others.  Clearly here Amex is looking at the "real" account age, and other issuers can't easily do that.


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