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preapproved amex

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preapproved amex

good evening folks,

  I have a general question, about amex preapproved site? At the present time i have an amex gold  skymiles card, which i  opened  in october 2018 and a  gold amex charge card the same month. I received all the promotional points and skymiles the first month with both cards, averaging about 4200 a month on both cards in spending for the last 4 months. I have been paying the full balance on both cards every month.

  So i went to play around with the amex preapproved website, just to look, and this is what they came back with.


 new welcome offer for   Hilton Honors American Express Ascend Card

new welcome offer  for Hilton Honors Card

new welcome offer for   cash magnet card

and also it says request an upgrade for  the following Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card,
Delta Reserve® Credit Card, Platinum Card from American Express
does that mean im preapproved for ONE of welcome offer cards?
or should i just upgrade the cards i have thx
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Re: preapproved amex

With the welcome offer cards, hit the apply button, if you get the " your name - you are pre-approved" then there is a very good chance you will walk away with that card. If you get the "it is easy to grow your membership" message then not a given but still possible.
As for the upgrades, that is up to you, the companion tickets that come with the two Delta cards are nice and offset the increased AF as long as you take advantage of them.
The Platinum charge is a very good card if you travel very frequently, if you don't I would just stick with the PRG you have already.

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Re: preapproved amex

thank you very much

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Re: preapproved amex

We will build your credit profile: better, stronger, faster.

Well maybe just better and stronger.

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