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pulled the trigger, no luck :(

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Re: pulled the trigger, no luck :(

Try your local CU.  I was able to refi my auto loan for 1.99% last week.  They seem to have very good rates for established customers.

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Re: pulled the trigger, no luck :(

Thanks for all the feedback guys. I think I just got too antsy cause of the rates the banks were giving me on my auto loans with the scores I had, which pretty much matched my fico scores. I'll know for next time that just because you're approved for a 25k auto loan @ 3.99 doesn't mean you'll get approved for a credit card.

I tried with the cap1 EO a few months back, all they could do was give me rewards on one of my cards. I requested 1500, which isn't a crazy amount because I expected them to counter offer but they flat out said we can't offer any amount of CLI at this time.

I tried 2 CU's here in nevada and they both were higher than what BofA gave me. SSSCU gave me 7.99% pending 2 years income verification, 6 months paystubs (**bleep**) and some other bogus info. WCU offered 4.9%. Honda financing matched the rate and took a little over 1,000$ off the quoted hondacare price.

I think i'll just hang on to my cards for a bit, get them to less than 10% balance and build my scores up. I hate being denied. I was so overjoyed I got approvals from every lender I applied for an auto loan with, i slipped up and tried to get some CC's. Now i know!

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