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when should I try?

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when should I try?

I'm wanting to try for a pre approved offer with someone like DCU, NFCU, etc. or anyone else that might start me off with 1k or more. This will be in two months and obviously I wont app with my util above 20%  or anything like that.


I added my Kays card in august, my WM and chase card were added in september. Im wanting to try and get pre approved with someone around February or March. My oldest CC will be 14 months of perfect history and the rest with about 6 months of history. 7 years SL payments with perfect history, no CAs, no judgments, but I have 2 PAID COs from 5 years ago.  AAOA is 3yrs.


How long should I let these cards age? I want to go in with the best chance of a pre approval. Last time I pulled my score it was around 680, that was with about 45% util.

Any suggestions on trying to break the toy limit barrier? Im growing my GE card, but charter one wouldnt raise and im not messing with another HP to be shut down.

In my wallet: Discover it 6800 CL, Capital One Quicksilver Sig 5k CL, Chase Freedom 4k CL, GCU Patinum Visa 1500 CL
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