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Experian Allows Cell Phone Bill Reporting

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Re: Experian Allows Cell Phone Bill Reporting

@Janus wrote:

If the Cell phone Company likes to do HP just to open the account, the least tey can do is report it to CRA as account good standing. After all, they also wouldn't hesitate to report a delinquency. lol


I don't feel that a CRA should need access to bank accounts though. 


I agree. Here we go with some more data breaches galore; only this time... it's the worst possible breach -- directly into consumer bank accounts.


This is as openly nefarious a program I've ever seen. There needs to be a law immediately that protects consumers from this nonsensical voluntary spying.


Obviously, if Experian really wanted to find out if someone paid AT&T, Sprint, Tmobile, Verizon, or the power company, et al... then they would just freaking set up those organizations with the requisite electronic credit reporting tools -- to report the payments.


Instead, they're just trying to gather more information, and messing up the credit flow to do it. This whole shtick stinks to high heaven.


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