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A little confused here. Ok I heard about the changes for authorized users. Planning to add AU for someone for AMEX. Will the AU gain credit history since AMEX is asking for their ssn not like other credit issuers only asks for their names. Can someone clear this up for me....thanks a bunch
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A of right now your best bet would be to apply to credit cards that pull from TU and EQ as they will use AU till JAN 2008. So there is still time. Add AU now and check AU's credit in about 30 days ( Oct 1st. ). There will be the biggest ammount you ever used on AMEX reported. Most likely that would be the credit line for new credit cards. Apply after you see the scroes in mid 600"s. If not, then wait 30 more days. Nov 01. You should be fine by then if no baddies.
Apply for Citi Platinum Plus, WAMU Platinum, CHASE, in that exact order only!
Then see you have biggest line at citi, then same for wamu, but 10% less with chase.
EX does not show AU's anymore, so it is uselss to apply for AMEX!
You can try AMEX only after you have at least2 credit cards and upper 600's in fico score.
Good luck.
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