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AU removal

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AU removal

Looking to remove DW from a few of my new accounts in order to get her under Chase 5/24 rule. She is currently 8/24, with only 4 being her accounts.

I have done a bit of research and it is my understanding the process is to remove and have her dispute ownership. I have also read that AMEX can be a pain in this regard. With that in mind, we have started paying her charges from her account via the AMEX website. Will this help in having her removed, since her charges were paid? Also, the account has a zero balance. None of my findings referenced balance condition or anything else, just that AMEX is difficult to get AU removed from CRAs.

Any advice?

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Re: AU removal

The balance should have no influence on getting the AU removed from the primary users account as the account holder is ultimately responsible for the charges. I would approach this in two ways. 


1. Dispute the account as "not mine" or "authorized user"

2. Contact Amex and cancel the AUs card 

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