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Accidental purchase

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Accidental purchase

I recently accidently confirmed a purchase on a 3d cad model and didnt mean to click. I entered info for a Citibank in Reno and a fake email as well as a fake address that im pretty sure dont exsist in reno and i also entered the wrong zip code and im 14 and dont have an account with citi so what do i do?
Pls dont judge me
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Re: Accidental purchase

That's a big oops but...


I'm thinking the transaction wasn't approved.. That's my guess.

Did you use some random card number or what?


My suggestion is: Call the company, from where you ordered the model and if anything actually processed, cancel it.

And never, ever do that again.. 


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Re: Accidental purchase

Are you saying you’re 14 yo? If yes, legally I don’t think you can be held responsible.

But, as @pikaboo said, please don’t do that again. The next time it could create some serious problems because even though the email address was fake, the IP address is not. Just treat this mistake as a lesson learned.

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Re: Accidental purchase

It doesn't make any sense that you entered all of this fake information and then accidentally clicked the confirm button. I suspect that this is just some kind of spoof. You just made up the story to see what kind of responses you could get. But whatever. Here's the answer.


If by Citibank, you mean a credit card, there's next to no chance that you guessed a valid number. And if by some fluke you did, you didn't guess the expiration date. And if by some miracle you guessed that, you didn't guess the security code. Or the zip code.


Since you weren't alerted to this when you entered it, it must be entered later manually. They'll figure it right away. And since they do this manually, they aren't sophisticated enough to trace your IP (not that that's that hard). And even if they could, they wouldn't bother.


So nothing's going to happen.

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Re: Accidental purchase

Good advice has been provided, and as the thread has run its course it is now locked and closed to new messages.



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