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Account Info Change Alert

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Account Info Change Alert

So hopefully this is the correct board to post on: 


I just received a notificition from myFico on my EQ report of an "Acount Info Change Alert" 


On my new car loan that I got back in May 2017 after my BK to help start my rebuild I saw this alert and under "Description" it says from Auto to => Affected by natural disaster Auto.


I have NEVER missed a payment on my auto loan since taking it out, always pay on time. I have never asked for payment extention, etc. Yes, I do live in Houston, Texas were we just had hurricane Harvey, but I never filed a claim on my car with Geico, or the Loan company. 


Why would they change this discription on my CR? This is the only one to change so far, and my score hasn't gone done. I started off at low 500 and (yes I'm sad to say proud of how far I have come) and don't want anything to harm it. 


Thanks for ya'lls insight. Please see attached screen shot of what I am talking about Smiley Happy accountchange.jpg

Scores on the day of BK file: 02/08/2017: EFX: 490, TU: 562, EX: 526

Scores on the day of 341 Meeting: 03/09/2017: EFX: 508, TU: 504, EX: 449

Scores on the day of discharge w/ everything reporting 0 IIB: EFX: 532, TU: 508, EX: 479

As of: August 28th, 2017: (7 months since date of filing): EFX: 574, TU: 567, EX: 550

Discover IT Secured: $200 Limit
Reflex Mastercard: $500 Limit

Loans: $21k Car Loan 2017 Hyundai Tuscon @ 12% - First Investors

Re: Account Info Change Alert

I just received a similar update: from Citi:CBNA. It stated - "Description: Affected by natural disaster Flexible spending credit card." It came in under "an account listed on your credit report has been updated." Strange!!!!! My last payment was a few days early and posted, so not sure what that's all about either........and nothing came up under Google. 



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