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Adding and Removing Authorized Users

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Adding and Removing Authorized Users

So I was pondering on if I should or not remove my SO/DH from one of my cards since now he does have a card (that was the point of adding him to help in his approval chances) but now that my card is higher UTL than it was before when I added him can I take him off then when I get it paid down add him back or is that to much back and forth?!     I know it will look better on him to have that higher UTL removed, but at the same point too I don't know if taking him off then putting him back in a few months would look more bad than good!?       Any advice on how the best way to go about it would be I would like to help him increase his card with a CLI request maybe next month or so and see about opening another in a few months apx 6 or so (which is why I want to take the High UTL out of the equation) to better his chances for the time being and if my plan doesn't work out I can just add him back when it is lowered so he can try again at that point!?       I hope that makes sense what I am trying to do or thinking.

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Re: Adding and Removing Authorized Users

If it is an account that you care about, I wouldn't mess with it.


Depending on the lender, they may or may not add and/or remove reporting for AUs anyway, meaning that you/he might have to dispute with each CRA to get each account added/deleted as needed.


Too much hassle for me.  I'd leave it as is. 


Good luck!

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Re: Adding and Removing Authorized Users

@tcbofade    Yea I may just let it be, especially since I may add it back in the end result.

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