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Am I clear on utilization?

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Re: Am I clear on utilization?

Yeah it’s been awhile from the sounds of it but from looking at your sig, you can absorb it easily with no ill effects. It’s the price you pay but it’ll be pretty palatable on your profile.

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Re: Am I clear on utilization?

@StillKicking wrote:

Been kicking around the Disco idea...But the thought of new INQ/HP kinda pisses me off a little. LOL.

Short term pain for long term gain. INQs only count for a year. Personally, I'd be worried about all of your eggs in one basket, especially if you travel. Being far from home and having a card (or all cards from a provider) shut down for suspected fraud or some other reason could be painful. Personally, I'd want cards from at least three providers, and not all the same type, either.

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Re: Am I clear on utilization?

Very little travel at all.


Did an Incognito pre-qual on Amex. "We could not find any pre-quals for you".


It would be safe to assume I'm blacklisted.

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