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AmEx not showing on CR?

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AmEx not showing on CR?

I'm curious to know if anyone has had this happen before. I just recently got into the interest (no pun intended) of cc's and really starting to track everything. I'll try and give as much info as possible.


I was approved for my first AmEx on 5/15 (Everyday), with a $2k limit (hoping to up to $6k at the 60 day mark). Checking CK recently, it doesn't look like a HP is there and the card doesn't show up on my active accounts. 


I'm really curious about this because with the AmEx I'd be at 5/24 and without it I'd be at 4/24, and I'm eying a Chase CC, but don't want to apply without knowing if it's all of a sudden going to show. I've checked EX and TU and both don't show the AmEx as a current account. 


Looking forward to engaging with everyone more!

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Re: AmEx not showing on CR?

Amex typically does not report a new accoun to the CRAs until after the second statement is cut.

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Re: AmEx not showing on CR?

Guess I need to decide whether or not to pull the trigger on the Chase card now or wait until next year as my 2nd statement is getting ready to come and it'll get posted anyday. Thank you for the information!

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Re: AmEx not showing on CR?

If it's not showing why not just apply? 

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Re: AmEx not showing on CR?

I did but I got the ever scary "application pending." Hoping to hear sooner rather than later. Now to call them or to wait and hope for the best. 

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