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Amex and Discover SP on accounts

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Amex and Discover SP on accounts

I got Amex BCP and Delta Plat Sky miles- and Discover it all in 3/22.  I've been doing AZEO but  I just checked my reports and notice that Amex and Discover Trigger/discover cards have checked my reports weekly with SP's.  Seems an inefficient way to keep someone on a tight leash - but I'm wondering if anyone else has inexperienced this and what it means? 

6/20 :12/22 :
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Re: Amex and Discover SP on accounts

It happens.  Your accounts just got flagged for a bit of additional scrutiny.  They're basically just looking to see if you are opening up a lot of new credit after being approved for their cards and running balances up or otherwise showing any signs of financial distress.  It's all computerized, so it's not necessairly inefficient and doing so weekly rather than say monthly allows them to mitigate any perceived high risks earlier.

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