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Amex auth user-CRA Reporting

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Amex auth user-CRA Reporting

Hello all...1st off, I appreciate this site n all the feedback everyone gives, it's a wonderful community to become more knowledgeable as far as fico n all it entails.

My 1st time posting so here's my 1st gf added me last nite as an auth user 2 her premier gold Amex...2day, she added me 2 her blue n tried 2 cancel

the gold thinking blue would be better 4 me since it's not a charge card like the gold...her gold has no preset spending limit, n the blue is I think at 14000 u

guys think I should keep both or just blue ???  Also, if she cancels gold once it arrives, will that be fast enough that account won't appear on my reports ???

In my wallet: Amex Platinum NPSL, Amex Everyday Preferred $15,000, Amex Starwood $10,000, Chase Freedom Visa Signature $10,000, Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Signature $15,000, Chase Ink Plus Visa Signature $5000 Barclaycard Arrival Plus MasterCard World Elite $10,000, Cap One Quicksilver MasterCard $6000, Citi Prestige World Elite MasterCard $10,000, Citi Forward Visa $6900, Citi Premier World Elite MasterCard $5,800, Discover IT $8500
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Re: Amex auth user-CRA Reporting

The effect of being added as an AU effects more than just util, so a more compehensive look is required.

The effects of AU, in my approx view of importance, include:

1. Does the account have any reported derogs?

2. Is the age of the account greater or less than your current AAoA?

3.  What will be your overall % util, with and without the addition?  If a no-CL card, what is its high balance?

4. What is the normal % util on that individ account?

5. Does the account always carry a balance, thus effecting % accts with a balance?

6. How many other revolving do you have, and thus how much might it improve mix of credit?


Added to the consideration is what type of credit will be attempting to obtain.  If it is credit wherein you can expect the creditor to rely only or primarily on FICO score, then it will, if positive, help your application.  However, if the type or amount of credit is apt to result in a manual review, and the creditor chooses not to consider history that is not your own, then they might "back out" the estimated effect of the AU.  Not having the ability to generate an actual FICO score without that account, it may cause your entire score to be discounted in their decision making.


Many considerations.


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