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Authorized Users and Credit Reporting

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Authorized Users and Credit Reporting

I discovered today that all the credit cards where I have my husband listed as an AU, none are reporting for him. Is there something I can do to get it to report or request that they report for him so we can see an increase in his score and file? We want to buy a home next Summer.


Thank you in advance!

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Re: Authorized Users and Credit Reporting

What lenders or cards are they?

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Re: Authorized Users and Credit Reporting

Maybe contact the lenders and let them know/tell them they are not reporting and ask for them to report. Thats my suggestion.

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Re: Authorized Users and Credit Reporting

AmEx, Chase; my retail such as Lowes, Amazon.

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Re: Authorized Users and Credit Reporting

Make sure DW has the required amount of minimum TL's per your lenders guidelines. Some lenders don't count AU accounts.

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Re: Authorized Users and Credit Reporting

Either the creditors have discontinued reporting, or the CRA has discontinued inclusion in his credit report.

Were the accounts previously showing in his credit report, and recently all disappeared, or has it been awhile, or they were never actually added?


If all recently disappearted at the same time, I would suspect something going on at the CRA.

If that is the case, I would begin with a call to the CRA and inquire as to whether the creditors are actually reporting, and if so, why they are not including that reporting in his credit report.

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