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Auto Loan Payment Deferred - - - Questions???

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Auto Loan Payment Deferred - - - Questions???

I have never "deferred" a payment before and need to this month on my CitiFinancial Auto Loan that is almost 2 years old.  I have never paid late or missed a payment and they agreed to "defer" a payment for me in light of my good payment history, however I am worried to go ahead with it as a friend advised me that they can ding me with a 30 Day Late on my credit and that is the last thing I would want to happen as I have worked very hard to not be late in almost five (5) years to ANY of my creditors!


So my question is does anyone know if they can do this and if they will?


When I called and asked they said they will not, however we have all been told they (creditors) would not do things and they did so I am nervous about just taking their word for it.


I appreciate any advise.


Thank you.  =)

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Re: Auto Loan Payment Deferred - - - Questions???

I do not believe they can hit you with a 30 day late charge if they agree to defer a payment for you.  About a year and a half ago, I deferred a payment with Wachovia.  They mailed a form to me declaring the deferred payment and I faxed it back to them.  My balance was hit with a $25 charge which I believe was a WA state fee for deferred payments.  I had no trouble at all.  I did not get any negative marks towards any of my credit reports.  I hope this helps.


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Re: Auto Loan Payment Deferred - - - Questions???

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