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Automatic Experian fraud alert issue

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Automatic Experian fraud alert issue

Hi guys, I have a SSN which is about 3 months old. I have a credit history since 2 months with 2 credit cards and one student loan. 


I tried checking my credit score from and it says "Your file has been marked as a possible victim of identity fraud" and "we have detected potential fraud associated with this identity". In spite of this I was successfully able to pull up my Experian report which has no fraudulent activity. But this was after calling them to confirm my ID. I am unable to check prequalified offers too. In chase website it says " you have opted out of "pre-screened" offers from Chase and other companies". Few days back while creating a savings account I got a message like "Experian fail" in the address bar. I had to call the bank to verify my identity. Today when trying to add my SSN to paypal for cash transfer I again had the same issue and my SSN could not be verified. I had to send a e-copy of my SSN card to them for verification.


Can anyone let me know as to what can be wrong?  It is really irritating that I have to manually verify my identity every time these days.

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Re: Automatic Experian fraud alert issue

As long as there's a fraud alert, you will be opted out of prescreened offers. Did Experisn indicate what triggered the alert?
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Re: Automatic Experian fraud alert issue

Hi, thanks for the reply. I am unable to contact Experian CSR. Their automated systems have no option to connect to a CSR except for purchasing their subscription service. But may be that was because I tried calling them in the weekend. There is a page in their website for "removing a fraud alert" but that is actually a physical form which has to be sent to them if I had requested that an alert be placed on my file. I did not place any such alert. Please do let me know if there is any backdoor number to directly speak to a CSR in Experian.


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Re: Automatic Experian fraud alert issue

In order to remove a fraud alert, you will need to send in the form. Plus, they are closed on the weekend. I would still try to ascertain why the alert was placed so that it doesn't occur again.

Did you dispute any items on your cc?
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Re: Automatic Experian fraud alert issue

I think the issue started with either Quizzle or My credit report has "Fl 2" in the address but these websites won't allow me to add that. So, each time I try to verify my ssn by answering security questions it would fail. And one fine day I started getting the Experian fraud alert in


But then what I don't understand is that from the beginning I am having issues verifying my SSN, when my SSN was fresh. I applied for BofA and Discover and in both I got invalid SSN as a response in the denial letter. BofA didn't recon but thankfully Discover reconed after I uploaded my SSN and address details to their website. And the first card that was approved for me without SSN verification was GE Amazon store card. May be GEMB pulls up Transunion. Similarly I didn't have issues with credit karma too as they pull ttansunion score.

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Re: Automatic Experian fraud alert issue

I think it is just the newness of your SSN. I had the same earlier this year when I arrived in the USA and got my SSN. Transunion and EQuifax were fine, but experian gave me some headaches. A few calls fixed that issue.


What annoys me more is that I cannot get scores from myfico, as they say no scores are available for the first 2 years (?!?) of a SSN? Really don't understand that one.

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Re: Automatic Experian fraud alert issue

Under the FCRA, fraud alerts are only imposed at the request of a consumer, and can always be rescinded at the consumer request, upon providing proof of your identity.

Send then a notice of rescission of any fraud alert in your file.


While fraud alerts are only imposed upon request of a consumer, the CRAs, and in my opinion, rightfully so, will interpret any issues rasied by a consumer as an inherent request.

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Re: Automatic Experian fraud alert issue is lying. Don't waste too much time on this. I get the exact same message from them, but there's no fraud alert on my CR. Every other service (Credit Secure, Credit Sesame, Experian View Report, credit apps) works perfectly. The issue is due to your SSN being generated after 2011, and is not smart enough to interpret the message from Experian, and so thinks the message is 'fraud alert', instead of 'issue date of SSN unverified' (SSNs issued after 2011 are random, and the issue date is no longer embedded in the number).


Your credit file needs 6 months to generate any score. Once that happens, you should be able to do whatever you need to do.


There's no need to use or quizzle, as Credit Sesame gives you the same thing, and will be able to verify you at 6 months of 1 TL reporting.

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