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Biggest Point Gain for my buck?

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Biggest Point Gain for my buck?

I am trying to get a $50k home improvement loan to update the home and finish the basement. I am going through US Bank and they use the mortgage scores for home improvement loans. 

I am six points below the minimum on the tri-merge report and am wondering where I will make the biggest point gain.



I have PP Credit and PP Mastercard with limits of $2000 and $5000 respectively.

PP Credit has a balance of 400 and so does PP Mastercard.


I have a discover card with a balance util of $4700 out of $8500 total limit


Would I be more likely to gain those six points by paying down the Discover Card below 50%, or paying off both of the PP Accounts?

I can't do both this month.

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Re: Biggest Point Gain for my buck?

Pay down the Discover card. 


PayPal Credit is a hidden tradeline so it’s not affecting anything and the PP MC is already at optimum utilization numbers (it’s at 8% while the optimum range is 1-8.9%). 


If you can, pay the Discover down to $4000 or less. This will bring you to 47% utilization and should definitely bring a score bump. 

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Re: Biggest Point Gain for my buck?

I think you should try to get Discover at 28.9% $2,450). IMHO, around 48% UT is still too high. I think the former may get you a better APR too


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