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Bust Out Score

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Re: Bust Out Score

Just FYI, this isn't anything new; we've actually discussed it in quite a bit of detail on this forum more than once the last few years.


Here's one old thread I was able to quickly put my hand on:


IMO it's good to be aware of the possible flags, just keep in mind that obviously the white paper(s) aren't going to be comprehensive otherwise it would be trivial for fraudsters to game (or for companies to reverse-engineer without having to purchase the bust-out score product).


It's notable to me that while some on here occasionally report issues that could be attributed to bust-out-like behavior, we don't often see problems related to things described by the whitepapers.  When we do see AA that might have been triggered by a bust-out algorithm (which we'll never know for certain) it's often easy for a seasoned myFICOer to spot the issue; i.e. a recent name change followed by new credit apps right away, cash advance odd behavior, etc. 


Multiple apps with the same issuer close together (i.e. Comenity) are of course also known to be problematic at times, but this may or may not fall under the category of 'bust out' but rather just a concern over "plain old" ID fraud, although to the consumer the end-result would probably be the same (account closure).


TL;DR:  while there will always be unfortunate exceptions, IMO there's little for most of us to worry about... even those of us who like to app. Smiley Happy


Just my 2¢.  Smiley Wink

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Re: Bust Out Score

Interesting stuff. Didn’t know there was such dark stuff.

I wonder, though, how they can prevent these fraudsters (besides CLD’s, closures and not accepting their CC applications) at the time of busting. I mean do banks block their purchases? I don’t think so. 

Any ideas?

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